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Charlie Scheidler - Elk Hunt
Charlie Scheidler - 2003 Elk Hunt

Everything about my elk hunting trip was well organized by the Wild Kakwa Outfitters. All the guides were friendly and shared their hunting knowledge with all the hunters at camp. The food was excellently prepared by the outfitters wife, Rita. I have never been in the woods and ate so well. The country was beautiful and while hunting I saw fox, deer, mule deer, moose and plenty of elk. I also heard elk bugling nearly every day of my trip. Wow, what a sound!

The day in which I was fortunate enough to shoot a 6x6, started off with my guide Mel, hearing an elk bugling in the distance an hour or so before day break from our camp. We got up, Mel discussed what we were going to do while we were eating breakfast and then at day break, we started out in the direction of where he last heard the bugling. Mel stated that we were going to try to catch up to this elk. As we quickly and quietly covered ground through the woods, my guide would stop, call and listen for the bull elk response. After covering 1.5 miles like this, my guide saw a cow elk at the edge of the woods. My guide stated that we needed to crawl on our bellies to the open cut out in front of us and he would call on occasion while we were getting into position. When we got to the opening, we could see a number of cow, calves and a bull elk. At approx. 80 yards, we could see the bull elk was quickly moving back and forth between several of his cows. To my surprise, the bull elk then stopped and started scraping small trees with his antlers. I was able to use this moment to get up on my knees and pull off a well placed lung shot with my HS Precision 300 WBY. Mag. rifle.

Special thanks goes out to all the Wild Kakwa Outfitters staff who worked so hard to make this elk hunt so enjoyable and successful. I also want to give thanks to my friend, David Ryan who was kind enough to travel with me for his third moose hunt with the Wild Kakwa Outfitters.

Charlie Scheidler
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