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Bull moose taken in the foothillsStewart Hofland - 2001 Elk Hunt

I have hunted three times with Wild Kakwa Outfitters. Each hunt has been different and each hunt has been great.

The first hunt was for moose. Rick and his friend Jake were the guides and Rick's wife Rita, was the cook. The food was excellent and everyone got a moose. I got a 44" bull on the first day and spent the rest of the time hunting with the other guys and helping to get the downed moose out of the bush. It was an awesome hunt and a fun experience.

The second time I hunted with Wild Kakwa was for elk. Jake was my guide on this hunt and his enthusiasm kept me going when the weather wouldn't cooperate and neither would the elk. Our perseverance paid of on the ninth day when I finally connected with a 5x5 bull.

Another trophy bull elk from northern AlbertaOn the third hunt I went after elk and black bear. Rick was my guide and Rita camp cook. Again, the food was great and they made me feel right at home. The first morning out we had a bear walk up to us in the dark, wolves howling around us, and elk bugling. Rick called in an elk that came close, but the heavy timber kept us from seeing him. All this before 7:30 A.M. That same afternoon, luck and Rick's hard work scouting paid off. I got a huge 5x5. Later that week I got my first black bear and a coyote.

ild Kakwa has a game rich hunting area and they go the extra mile to see that all of their hunters feel at home and have a great experience. Their camps are comfortable and the food excellent. I look forward to hunting with them again.

Stewart Hofland, MN

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