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Tom Shtaida - 2003 Moose Hunt
Early October of 2001, I am sitting at the airport in Edmonton, returning from a terrible, guided moose hunt in Alberta. I hunted for seven days and never saw an animal. It was the hunt from hell. Besides having equipment that did not run, and tents that leaked with mud floors, there was not a moose within 50 miles of camp!

As I am waiting for my flight home, I started talking to 2 guys, who are on the same flight, returning to Milwaukee. They are also returning from a moose hunt, but they can't stop talking about their success and the great time they had, hunting with Rick Houweling, and Wild Kakwa Outfitters. It turns out they both shot 50" + Canadian Moose, (one bull turned out to be the largest moose shot in Alberta on an outfitted hunt that year) And, while showing me pictures and film footage of their hunt, they could not stop talking about what a great camp Rick ran, and how this was truly, the hunt of their lifetime.

So, the day after I am back home, I'm calling Rick Houweling, and booking a moose hunt for 2003, (he was already booked for 2002). It turned out to be everything that one expects, (or dreams of when booking hunts with outfitters). Wall tents with wood floors and LP heaters, (no rusted out barrel, wood stoves), great food, and just nice people trying their best to make your hunt enjoyable! And, the best part, there were moose all over the place! I had told Rick, that I wanted a bull moose over 45", and he delivered. I passed on 7 bulls, before I shot a 45" on the 6th day of the hunt. I saw bulls ranging from 200 yards out in the bush, to a pair of twin 36" bulls that were within 10 yards. (it was great, Rick was calling behind me, and there was a cow moose calling in front of me. The 2 bulls could not decide which way to go! What a rush!) Besides moose, we saw bears, elk, and deer, with no other hunters! There were 6 hunters in camp, and everyone shot a bull, the largest was a 48", the smallest was a 32". It does not get any better than that!

In life the only things that are for certain, are death, taxes, and maybe a moose hunt with Wild Kakwa Outfitters

Tom Shtaida
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