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Roger Richardson - 2004 Elk Hunt
Rick & Rita,
I want to thank you for the opportunity that I had to hunt out of your elk camp September 2004.

My hunt was very exciting from the very beginning. Our first day out, my guide, Mel, was able to get two bull elk to respond to calls. We moved in on them, soon to find the smaller bull had moved out while we worked on trying to call in the other bull. We got this bull into about 80 yards and Mel was able to see him briefly and I saw him from my position but could not get a the shot needed for a clean kill. This bull was in the 320-350 scoring range and was a great bull.

We worked a couple more bulls over the next couple of days, and then relocated to a new area. On day five of my six day hunt, Mel got a bull to bugle 1 1/2 hours into the day. We moved in on the bull, and Mel was able to bring him bugling out into the open where I could get a good shot. He was a good 6x5 bull, that was my first elk harvested. This was also my wedding anniversary, so it was a nice added gift for a special day. I also had the chance to hunt some with Rick Houweling and was able to see a bull moose at 30 yards, that would have made a nice archery shot opportunity.

Rick and Mel both certainly put a lot of effort into locating game and care of the animals once harvested. We had to struggle some with the rain and wind for a few days, but they were persistent and patient while still getting the hunters onto animals throughout the week.

The area we hunted was unique with its remoteness and beauty. I felt greatly blessed to see and hunt this area with Wild Kakwa Outfitters. Hope to come back Rick & Rita.

God Bless,

Roger Richardson

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