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Ed Van Nostrand - Elk Hunt
Ed Van Nostrand - 2003 Elk Hunt
Thanks for a memorable elk hunting experience. Hunting bull elk in September, during the bugle season, with a rifle, was exhilarating. The remote camp and quad ride in all added to the adventure. Rick Houweling was my guide for the 6 day elk hunt. On the first day by 10:00 AM, I managed to shoot an outstanding 4x5 bull, called in by Rick. While we were admiring the elk, taking photos and congratulating each other on calling and shooting, we heard another bull. Rick gave a couple of cow calls and a huge 7x8 bull walked in broad side at twenty yards! What a rush! Previously on the same morning we saw 5 cow elk, a cow and calf moose and a large bull moose with a cow, which Rick couldn't resist playing with. Armed with only a stick Rick managed to intimidate his way into about forty yards of the moose. Very impressive. By the end of my trip the two other hunters in camp all managed to shoot a bull. Brad shot a nice 6x6 on the last day. Randy shot a beautiful 7x7 trophy bull on the second day. Randy also shot a nice black bear on the hunt. By the end of my trip I saw five bull elk, three bull moose and three black bear as well as deer. I had an opportunity to take a bear but didn't. I am a guide back home in New York and know the good Lord, good weather, and a little luck aided Rick and Mel in our overwhelming success, but the effort and knowledge of the game we hunted and the area we hunted in, were second to none. Than you for your hard work and dedication. I am already booked for elk this fall and moose in 2005. Counting the days.

Ed Van Nostrand
phone number : 518-822-9353

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