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Merrill Jett - 2005 Whitetail Deer Hunt

In the fall of 2005 I hunted with Wild Kakwa Outfitters for trophy Whitetail Deer

I hunted for 3 days and saw 8 bucks, 20 does and 5 moose. The third day of my hunt I was sitting in my stand and around 9:30 a doe walks out. About 1/2 hour later out of the corner of my eye I see a large bodied deer but could not get a shot. I repositioned myself so if he came back I could shoot him. I reached down to my pack to get my call and try to grunt him in but the string broke and my pack fell to the ground.

Then I saw another large bodied buck on the same trail. I sat in my stand for a little bit more but I needed to see how big the tracks were. I climbed down out of my stand and checked the tracks. They were big so I turned around to walk back to my stand and saw a a deer moving into the woods. I couldn't catch him in my scope so I walked back to my stand and started eating my lunch. I was standing at the base of my stand when I saw the same 8 point big bodied buck walking towards me. I decided not to shoot him and continued to eat my lunch. I saw something move out of the corner of my eye, I turned and almost choked on my sandwich, a big 10 point was standing 15-20 feet away looking at me. I grabbed my 270 Savage, clicked the safety off and shot him behind the front leg. He ran 30 feet and stopped between 2 trees so I shot him again. He ran across the cut line and I shot him a third time. I waited 5 minutes and started looking for blood but could not find any. My guide Brandon came to check on me and said "3 shots! Where is the deer?" We found blood and you know the rest of the story.

PS. All 3 shots were good ones.

Merrill Jett, Georgia - 770-815-5846

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