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Carl Lipke- 2002 Elk Hunt
I chose Wild Kakwa Outfitters in 2002 for several reasons. First , I wanted to try "new country" since I'd done several trips out west hunting elk in the mountains. Second, the terrain, though beautifully thick, promised to be easier to navigate for my dad who's getting up there in years. Third, if my dad or I shot a bull, it would probably be quite large since the elk up in Alberta are simply a bigger animal than, say, a typical Colorado bull. We have never cared about antler score...we just love elk and wanted something regal to put on a wall - no matter the rack. And fourth, and possibly the main reason, you could use a rifle during the rut. The idea of bugling bulls potentially REALLY up close because of how thick the bush is, was very exciting and appealing. And that's basically what played out.

The country was very thick but I found it very fun to hunt...and when my guide and I got his bull fired up on day four, it all happened like gang busters. He barely answered my cow calls by when my guide cranked up his bugle, that set him off. We then took the offensive and used the slope of a small ridge to our advantage as we went to him, we eased into a position as close as we dared - the bull did the rest. And after watching him advance and shred a sapling through my scope, he continued on and gave me a standing broadside shot at barely 70 yards. My advice, be ready to move quickly when an animal fires up and don't be afraid to use more than on bullet these guys are big!

Back at camp the accommodations are very comfortable...typical wall tents that add a great sense of being "out there" in the bush. Rita's food was great, the coffee plentiful. My dad and I also saw a couple of bears and enough moose to make us covet a tag on the spot, but that will have to wait for another trip. My dad did not shoot and elk but he did have an opportunity... but that's hunting!

I found Air Canada to be wonderful as far as helping us get meat home too and the taxidermy work by Merv from New Horizon Taxidermy to be outstanding. I have a lot of animals on my walls at home and I'm very fussy about taxidermy work and Merv did an excellent job!

Feel free to call me if you have more questions!

Carl S. Lipke
phone number : 319-842-3300

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