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It is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye to a dear friend. John passed away in 2013 and he leaves us with incredible memories of his laughter, kindness and love for hunting and the outdoors. He will be missed. Please enjoy reading about his hunting adventures with us.

John Hall, Virginia Beach, VA - 2008 Moose Hunt

"It's Never Over Til It's Over"

This was my 4th hunt with Wild Kakwa Outfitters, and proved to be one of the most challenging of all. I had 3 tags (Moose, Elk, and Mule Deer). Early in the hunt I passed on 3 small bull moose, and on 2 small mule deer, as I had no thoughts of ever coming up empty. The weather was often windy and cold making calling for elk almost impossible, but we spent about 5 days.. to no avail... trying to get an elk.

Over the last 3 days of the hunt, I concentrated on trying to get a moose, as all of the others in camp, except for one hunter who filled later, had already filled their moose tags. On the last day of my hunt, we (Mel..my guide) and I hunted hard all day with only a short break for lunch.

The reality of going home empty now seemed to be more real than I ever could have imagined. On my prior 3 hunts wih Rick and Rita, I killed 3 moose, an elk, and a mule deer, and had seen numerous black bears, a grizzly, and even wolves. I still remember Yogi Berra's old quote, "It's Never Over Til It's Over," and Mel asked me if I wanted to hunt until the end of legal shooting time on this last day. I did not hesitate to tell him absolutely, as I had invested a good amount of time and money in this my 4th hunt with the outfitter.

I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and drove the nearly 3000 miles and back on each of my hunts, carrying a freezer in the back of my Pickup.. and really did not want to go home empty this time. Mel decided to check one particular area he said could prove to be good right at dark, as another guide told him he had seen moose in this area late in the day. As we came around a dusty curve on a logging road, there he was, my last chance Bull standing about 125 yds away in a clear cut. It was exactly 15 minutes before the end of legal shooting time/light on the last day of my hunt. The bull weighed over 1000lbs on the hoof, and added to the credibility of Rick and his guides that they will do everything to make your hunt successful.

The meat in my freezer atests to that fact that "It' Never Over Til It's Over." Thanks again to all at Wild Kakwa, and look for me again, hopefully, in 2010. Regards, to all, and especially Rick and Mel for the great hunt. I am happy to be a reference for you guys anytime!!

John Hall

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