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Jim and Lisa Creech - 2007 Moose Hunt

My wife and I had enjoyed our fall vacation thru Banff and Jasper National Parks. We had already had a great time, met many interesting people and had seen some absolutely beautiful Canadian country. Now that the first part of our vacation was over, we were truly looking forward to our moose hunt with Rick and Rita. Having been elk hunting several times, the anticipation of a two year wait to hunt moose was over and we were not disappointed.

Our first day out we immediately were on a large bull. Another hunter was able to get a good shot and take his first bull moose ever. Even though I was not lucky enough to get the first bull, the excitement of seeing such a large animal harvested was amazing. Later that day while helping get that moose out of the woods, Rick and I decided to do a little calling and it wasn't long before we were on another big bull. The bull came in to about 30 yards but did not present a good shot due to the thick willows that seemed to be everywhere. The first day alone, we saw or heard 5 bulls.

On the third day, Rick and I decided to go back further to a different area. We immediately were again on a moose that had a cow with him. We worked the bull for quite a while when we saw the cow cross in front of us. The bull was smart enough to stay out of sight above us, but Rick was not giving up and continued to call and work the bull until he decided that he better have a closer look. The bull appeared about 75 yards away on a small bench above us. I had never attempted a chest shot on an elk, but did on the bull. The bull did not run more than 20 yards as the shot was almost perfect.

Although my bull was not a 50" bull, it was no less exciting. Rick and his guides do an absolute great job putting hunters where the bulls are. The amount of moose in the area is tremendous. Rita runs a top notch camp kitchen. By far the best we have ever encountered on any of our previous hunts. The abundance of other game is amazing also. Many hunters saw both grizzly and black bear, whitetail and mule deer along with some great country. The people in camp were fun to be around. As many before have written it is truly a memorable time.

Thanks Rick and Rita for a great end to our fall vacation.

Jim and Lisa Creech, Aurora Indiana

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