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Gregg Schetter , 2004 Moose Hunt

Back in early 2003 my friend Chris and I decided to check on moose hunts after numerous conversations about going on a big game hunt for years. We stumbled across Wild Kakwa Outfitters and the success ratio seemed almost to good to be true. We checked with references listed, talked with Rita and Rick and booked the last 2 spots available for 2004.

We decided to drive up from Wisconsin making it not only a hunting trip, but vacation as well. We arrived at Rick and Rita's house and immediately noted a very large moose Rick had shot several days earlier during a scouting trip of his own. Rick and Rita along with their family immediately welcomed all the hunters. On our way out to camp we spotted a bull moose out in a grass field, and you immediately could see just how big they really are.

The first day we were paired up with Ricky as our guide because we were the younger hunters in the group, but I think they were just checking to see how good of shape we were in. Ricky is very young and covers a lot of area so you may want to get in shape (a little at least). The first morning resulted in no moose on our end or any of the hunters in camp. After a very good lunch, everyone decided to take a quick nap. I stayed behind at the cook house and Rick and Mel decided to do some Elk scouting before the afternoon hunt and I was lucky enough to go along in case they came across a moose. We didn't see any moose, but this is the type of people at Wild Kakwa outfitters, they are always trying there best for the hunters and fulfilling your expectations.

That afternoon I had the opportunity to go out with Rick (Sr.) on a one on one hunt due to an illness in camp while Chris went with Ricky. We covered a lot of area once again both on foot and ATV seeing a lot of tracks and sign of active moose in the area. On our way out we came across a moose crossing a logging road. I was able to down a 43 inch bull moose on day one. ( while retrieving out the moose the next day I had another large bull moose grunt and walk in front of myself at 75 yards away)

Chris went out with Ricky and they went into some back country area cow calling along the way. They spotted several moose in a clear cut, but the distance and wind direction was not in their favor. They made some moves and came out near a pond. Chris then spotted a large bull moose about 200 yards away and was scooping him when Ricky said " he's a shooter". As both hunters started talking about how big the moose is, they noticed that they each were looking at 2 different bull moose! Now Chris had to try to decide which moose was the bigger "shooter", when Ricky told him the closer one was a very nice bull and time was running out. With this Chris planted a shot into the neck of the closer moose ( 100 yards). The moose immediately began to run off, when Ricky started cow calling again causing the bull to come back for one more look. The 2nd shot to the chest dropped him in his tracks. Getting out of the woods was another story as both hunters were about mile off the beaten path and the batteries from their flashlights died. Thanks to Mel and an old guide tricks they made it back a little behind time.

Chris's moose was huge weighing over 1,500 pounds carrying a 47 inch spread antlers. This also was on our first day of hunting! By day 4 all the moose hunters in camp filled their tags and the picture on the web site is the proof!

Hunting at Wild Kakwa Outfitters is more than just a quality hunting experience. The guides, helpers along with Rick and Rita are a class act but most of all they are good down to earth people. You will not be disappointed booking a moose hunt here!

Gregg Schetter 920-684-2099
Chris Kleiman 920-755-2473
Manitowoc Wisconsin "

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