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Geza Balint - 2008 Elk Hunt

I hunted in 2005 with Wild Kakwa Outfitters for elk and bear, and had a great hunting experience, and wonderful time. I have seen up close numerous whitetail deer (3 really nice bucks) a few mule deer, 7 moose (one was a monster bull) 5 cow elk,and 2 nice bulls. But fortune was not on my side , and the excitement cost me a great opportunity - I ended up getting no elk. I went home with a great black bear, and a promise to myself: I'll be back!.

We arrived in Grande Prairie on the 15th of September 2008. The day was my birthday, and I was wondering, if this date will bring me better luck? I was teamed up with Alex, my partner from Ontario, and we hunted hard for 3 days with Mel, an exceptional elk guide.On the very first day of the hunt my bad the luck was back again - I missed a shot at a nice 5 point bull elk.

We kept on going, and while climbing numerous mountain sides, and enjoying the scenery, we had seen all kind of wildlife: 7 bears (2 of them great grizzlies).One of them, a 6 footer was just a mere 30 yards away when he took off (prior to that he stood up on his rear legs - like on the TV) and took a good peek at us. What a rush....and what a memory to cherish! Each of us had a black bear by the end of the second day.

We had also seen 5 mulies, countless whitetails, 5 moose (2 great bulls, from which one was only few yards away), and watched our other partner, Frank, bring in his nice 6x6 on the second day of the hunt.
My partner and Mel went off on a horsback ride hunt. I went after my elk with Rick Houweling. Rick is the master of the bush, and he put me onto a nice 5x5 elk. My elk was truly in love with him, while coming straight at us in 6 foot high bush, where I took an easy 25 yard shot (I can tell you, finally my bad luck turned into a good luck).

I cannot thank enough the people at Wild Kakwa Outfitters for their hospitality, hard work and dedication to their hunters. They are awesome hosts, and their knowledge of the game we are hunting, is top notch.
Special thanx to Rita for the great food she provided us with, making sure we have the energy to keep going.

Thank You Once More!

Geza Balint
Ontario, Canada

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