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Frank DeSantis, 2006 Moose Hunt

My Alberta adventure was truly awesome. Ricky, my guide took me through some beautiful country. We saw grizzly, elk, fox, coyote, Pine Martin, mule deer, black bear and huge whitetail bucks. This week of moose hunting started off seeing a cow and calf moose. Day 3 I had a shooter bull about 42 inches at 200 yards and passed. I was looking for a bigger, heavier bull.

The action was really starting to heat up with the rut. Ricky and I walked a high bluff and saw 3 bulls within an hour. One bull was only 10 yards away and grunting. I had another bull over 40 inches at about 35 yards but never presented a clear shot.

On day 5 we had 3 bulls grunting, Steve, my hunting partner is up first to shot. Ricky grunted in a nice bull and Steve shot him at about 50 yards. After admiring the bull, Ricky said, "let's try to get the other bull". As Ricky cow called we heard another bull grunt and the stalk was on. We got to about 50 yards and the bull presented a perfect broadside shot. The bull I shot measures 53 inches. A dream come true.

I've been on many hunts from Alaska to Africa. This hunt is on the top of the list of most memorable. The food was excellent, the guides were knowledgeable and enjoyable to be with. The whole hunt was an experience I'll never forget.

Thanks to all.

Frank DeSantis, Burr Ridge, Illinois

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