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Brian Huff, 2006 Whitetail Hunt

On the first day of my hunt with Wild Kakwa Outfitters, I watched a gas line easement in the morning and early afternoon and didn't see any deer. My guide, Rick Houweling, checked up on me at 2:00pm and asked if I wanted to move. He found a spot that had a lot of sign and felt it needed hunting right away. Just hours before, he setup a portable tree stand and cut out some shooting lanes. Once I saw all the huge tracks on the way to the stand, I got so excited that I had to calm myself down.

Just before dark, two does and a large buck came through at only 50 yards. After I shot the buck and walked up to it, it was even bigger than I thought.

He grossed 158 7/8 inches with a 24 inch outside spread and 5 1/2 inch bases. The mass was maintained all the way to the ends with 3 5/8" being the smallest circumference reading. It was definitely a dream come true and I would recommend these outfitters to anyone wanting a good quality Canadian hunt. They work very hard to get you onto a mature buck and have tons of land in which to find them.

The conditions weren't perfect during my hunt, with close to 3 feet of snow on the ground and deer moving only about a quarter of what they normally do, but these guys scout the land every day from the time they drop you off in the morning until they pick you up in the evening. They constantly search for the perfect setup and aren't afraid to move you around when deer sightings are limited. They are the hardest working guides I've ever witnessed.

Brian Huff, Pennsylvania

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